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Francis W. Rockwell, President. Hiram B. Wellington, Treasurer.
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nicked. Much force was required in the reduction of the omentum.
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In recurrent appendicitis, I regard the etiology to be the same as in the other
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Number of loans which are of an amount not exceeding $3,000 each, 402
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from it. A neat way of using it is to saturate a small piece of
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lesions were to be observed, except those plainly associated with the
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usually commences somewhat Suddenly by heat and burning on the
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active cathartic remedies ; and when at last by mechanical means the
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" Some years ago, in the early days of the kerotome, I felt so
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which all the diameters were diminished, and the other a fiat pelvis. In both of
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first named was also the most used and the most relied upon.
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veins should be the initial step for the successful treatment of these ulcers, and
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fashionable, the fad of the day it seems, and thousands of cases suddenly made
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Paula, Second Vice-president ; H. Bert Ellis, Los Angeles, Secretary
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Murrain is a term not overfraught with meaning, even from a dictionary stand-
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internal use, since it can be given in twenty to thirty times the quantity.
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The wall has not undergone any calcareous degeneration or ossification.
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Elisha T. Harvell, President. E. R. Studley, Treasurer.
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filled with red, almost erectile, granulations, and healing is soon
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dition of both operator and assistants, due to the lack of oxygen in operating
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not speak of the cases reported as " cured," but it was certainly worth while to
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Rate and amount of each semi-annual dividend f 1| per cent., $110,565 41 ) ^222 455 22
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he was struck over the internal malleolus of the foot by a base-ball. Following
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of red blood corpuscles and consequent diminution of hemoglobin.
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assume the official position without bringing additional honor to,
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certification aforesaid the payment severally from the
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October 14. — Inoculated by four lancet punctures each, with virulent
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The Roller Bandage. By William Barton Hopkins, M.D.
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treatment. I therefore had my son, Dr. F. D Bullard, administer the antitoxin,
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requisite to the highest efficiency in the ^ook in which the scope and purpose in-
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Amount of withdrawals, including dividends, during the year ending
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that it should be bound upon the girl's wrist and there allowed to remain till she
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to the use of veratrum in scarlet fever, dysentery,
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In stomach resection the mortality has been appalling, largely due to the great
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