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not make up for a deficiency. Think indigestion is due to nervous strain and

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a salary of $2,000.00 per annum. ed the following ofificers :

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Lyons, Translated by G. Whitley, M.D. With Notes and an Ap-

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Contracted gonorrhea shortly after marriage. Suffered with repeated attacks of

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exists. The wound should now be temporarily dressed. After this by a Langen-

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Section 30. Such corporation shall at the time of to U becreIted nd

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are also confined mostly to but one lung — either

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for any disease — still, he felt bound to say, that

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than pregnancy, and while no one of them should be accepted as an infallible

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Experiments in the Use of Naphtol for the Treatment

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in decompositions entirely different' one may observe schizomycetes ex-

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pendant uvula, should effectually silence objections to snipping the

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ed in influencing the Minister of Public Instruction

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none of the dangerous qualities of genuine erysipelas. Antimony

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gus. If no free pleural space can be not be undertaken as a routine treatment

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influence. The Antikamnia Chemical Company, of St. Louis, in all of its adver-

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Total number of open accounts Oct. 31, 1902, .... 3,445

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Essentials to the welfare of the individual and (he future of the race. By James Foster Scott,

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tor of the Southern Cai^ifornia Practitioner. He was the first

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cess of applying the plaster corset. To transfer the patient from the position in

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the MedicHl Clinic at Erlang^en. Authorized Translation from the German. Edited by

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vorable. He is now at the Bonjon and does his abdominal work in an isolated

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acquiring the power of growth in acid hay infusion in place of alkaline

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CARCINOMA OF TESTICLE.— (^if^a/(7 Medical Journal,) By A. A. Young,

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danger to the animal, and produces a condition of the system which is

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noticed to be dribbling away on the third day; it required some time

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TREMORS.— James states that malaria may cause neuralgia, and that it is espec-

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value in some instances. The destructive power of electrolysis in nevi is

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for business every business day, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. ; also Wednesdays and

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body IS barred from an attack of the i u- ^^^^ extend above the inguinal ring.

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The temperature rises, either gradually or suddenly to io2°, 103° or possibly 105°,

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subject, but on this there is a chance for discussion between the surgeon and the

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disturbed by normal affections, etc., in the nurse.

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of Virginia and Monticello. Has had the endorsation and patronage of the pro-

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Underwood, E. Woodward, C. C. Tower, John Homans, D.

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coccos and the filaments bacteria. According to the diameter the former

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advise a patient of mine, having penodi- onset^and inversely proportional to the

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Amount of deposits, not including dividends, received during the year

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returning, and on her return home she became pregnant, and was

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dog'* whose stomach was removed by Czemy in 1878, lived five years and was

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land enough to produce the necessary food for their cattle, while others own the

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poisonous excreta are thrown into a confined and foul space, is still