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with a swallow of water. Other drugs of use are atropine, picro-
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dans le mfemes circonstances, il tend k penser, k croire, k sentir,
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Charles T. Pulsifer, President. Adolphus J. Blanchard, Treasurer.
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sults of treatment. The wound was caused by matches, with
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skin exists as a result of previous scratching, a little of a 5-per-
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that we can see between advertising guard explicitly against its interpretation
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interest and ambition in- occupation. Others, in whom the disease has made
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but one is the shadow, the other the substance of healthful exercise.
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and the professions made hereditary,a certain degree
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menopause or after removal of the uterus or adnexa. The hot
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about a week. The first applications cause a slight burning
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Total expenses of the corporation for the year ending Oct. 31, 1902 (ex-
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Springfield Safe Deposit and Trust Company, . . Springfield, .
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from an acute attack. The case had been given up by two physicians and was a
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has adopted instrumental interference in the cases of children alive,
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opportunities, and our morals above reproach, let us bear in mind that
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Gross amount of interest or profits received or earned, as per books,
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It was at my first alma-mater, the College of Medicine of Southern California,
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are fairly large, but most are small. This rule pursues a chronic course (six years
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poverty, his bad hygienic surroundings, his debauches, his drunk-
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II Quoted by Boulcy iu Kecueil de Med. Vet., 1874 p 063
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Dr. Magee : It must not be overlooked thpt water performs a much more
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and rubbing to relieve the irritation. However this may be, she had
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ules which he at first took for micrococci, and only after a number of
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put the less the risk!" To decide this many methods of investigation in ascer-
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invested only in the authorized loans of the United States,
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mometer in the Prevention of Malarial iHsease, which was read by
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Write for Literature. G. H. SHERMAN, M. D., DETROIT, MICH
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serve an amount equal to at least fifteen per cent of the iUfflis, § 13.
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common hand basin was used for the purpose. He was put to bed,
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matory renal lesions, or to augment them if present; whereas
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The Record thinks as glaucoma is a disease that requires prompt
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the channels that promise success, and those that are to be at once
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have not only corrected the kyphos but the extreme lordosis, and applied the
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are in all good remedies; in New York a few men were especially antagonistic^
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indications of exhaustion. A pelvic examination showed endometritis, retrover-
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which, in persons wounded under other circumstances, are called
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harm; so, too, as is well-known, urine is an old popular remedy for
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they call it 'aqua aurea,' and preserve it in vessels of gold and silver
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no other distinguishing mark." t Pasteur also regards as a particular
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Case A".— Jack M., male, seven years old, with an old knee joint tuberculosis
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