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of belladonna is the best remedy. For follicular tonsillitis the
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Open for business every business day except Wednesdays, 9 a.m. to 12 m. ; 2 to 4 p.m.
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Sodium bromide grs. 15, every two hours was ordered, his hair was clipped close,
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sick with la grippe, followed by pneumonia. During his sickness the patient
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ing the course of acute diseases it becomes frequently a very
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ize our surgical notions respecting the use of the trephine, that the
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A DEATH occurred recently at Needles by poisoning from an oleander.
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cises upon it, and at one point there is a fluctua-
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He called attention (i) to the difficulty of remembering the gross anatomy of
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Pound Top Medicine Trunk, Made of Russet Bridle Leather.
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a case. The patient was a man 65 years of age. The condition
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A HOUSE AND LOT, (containing three acres,) with new out-
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gained for the action of other appropriate remedies. Xo doubt the
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containing lime, iron, potash and soda without strychnine. Manual force was of
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^ the ninth rib on the left side to the axilla and thence to the
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zootic diseases from which fowls were dying. At first I was unfortunate
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field — or, rather, the paved street — some thirty
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but an addition made to the disease germs which were sapping the
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free flexion and extension, but limited abduction. There was no pain or discom-
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of medicine. Such a book as this, designed to give an intelligent use of the
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t Hallier, Die Pflanzlicheii Parasiten des Menschliclien Korpers, Leipzia, 1866. Also
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carbolic acid, it has a certain range of usefulness which further ex-
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the subsiding stage to prevent the cystitis from becoming
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Gross amount of interest or profits received or earned, as per books,
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is covered, possessing somewhat of the character of lacquer while
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orchards of oranges and other citrus Glands should be carefully prepared from
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he had concluded during his alcoholic excesses, w T hich did not (how-
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case in which acJonitine produced an excellent effect:-—
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deposits as such. Whoever violates any provision of this
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Samuel Carr, President. Charles L. Burrill, Treasurer.
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unless followed up by the thorough application of the ointment.
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according to their own inclinations on milk and garden produce, and abstain from
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different kind is defibrinated in an open vessel and injected by a
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wliose germicidal and otiier effects are to be manifested there. Creosote has been
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helpful diagnostic tables. This tabulation will be found to be of great assistance