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Manuel de los Rios, Chairman of the Committee on Organization of the III Pan
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for the rubber or greased paper retains the heat, and the temperature
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stomach is crowded upon by the growing uterus, the taking of full meals making
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dangerous to life, and may be used about the lips or even in the mouth if pro-
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of course, from its occurring at night and it may exist for a long time unsus-
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Dr. Phelps presented a girl, seven years of age, wearing a plaster of Paris
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bag while the short and long ends of the strip of lint project from the anterior
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velopment of such germs or organisms as were peculiar to the virus ;
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before the toxines were used. Dr. Bridge again tried the erysipelas toxines, but
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the encephalic centre sustains no damages, but temporary functional
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quite impossible to determine the extent of the diseased tissue without the aid of
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ures Tvith virus diluted as above witli one hundred parts of glycerine
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$100 for the best dissertation on the following sub-
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should not bo given in hyperacute cystitis or if there is an acute
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affected leg presented almost precisely the same ap-
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stronger preparation. It should not be used about the mouth or eyes. The time
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used in this case for at least six months, in increasing doses, without doing the
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and full information for persons in want of limbs, sent free to
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iwip.:: Jft^K IW^mIv "•^i^'^Jtl* •^««*«r W:»'>^
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Sickly, psychopathic children are bom. Perineum and cervix are ruptured dur-
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In other cases again we find, as the result of the disturbance of nutrition of the
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W. B. Saunders* 925 Walnut, i^ipS. Price $4.00 cloth. $5.00 sheep or half mor.
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Since writing this paper I have learned of a case that greatly strengthens my
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severely as before. Another tooth was sacrificed, but without relief; the pain
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Traumatic Disw)cation of the Hip in Chii^dren, Ou> and Recent. By
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fowl cholera, and for this purpose the following experiments were
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Originally intended as a S3rstematic description of nervous affections resulting
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CoRLXw, John L., 4757, Clovis, Coll. Phys. & Surg., Keokuk, la., Feb. 37, 1883.
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Number of accounts opened during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, 3,865
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overcoming nervous symj)tom8. They are also indicated for
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We need not enter into a full description of the history of the Erythroxylon
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I particularize the following, which had a controlling effect on my work
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a series of similar experiments on animals confirm the favorable results of tuber-
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Amount of deposits, not including dividends, received during the year
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ties of vrater necessitates that it should be of the best possible quality. It is very
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Gross amount of interest or profits received or earned, as per books,
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Total number of open accounts Oct. 31, 1902, .... 113
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Brauer and Hammen. Cases of air em- strongly of the opinion that nocase of
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not, however, as an intimate cause of it, nor consis-
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higher emotions or moral sentiments, the lower propensities, and the
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tions, and here I can only offer the researches of others.
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rachitic child 2 years old, with ulcers over the back, treated in
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jars — such as were used by Cohn* in his investigations of bacteria — are