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In the subacute forms, both of children and adults, similar doses,
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sometimes white. I knew a journalist who, during an attack, got
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doses frequently repeated until relief is obtained, or the physiological effect is
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On the other hand, puerperal septicaemia conveys to the student
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enemata and cathartics should be discontinued from the first,
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PERCUSSION OF THE SKULL.— (Macalester.) Dr. John B. HamUton,
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penetrated the peritoneal cavity ; then drawing the tubes into view, he placed
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sparks and galvanic applications with cocaine. If simply pain-
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cular movement, directed by a trained mind through trained nerves. Many per-
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The following prescription is of much value in malaria
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Number of accounts opened during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, 2,875
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restored, and now he is able to run about, although
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skin has regained its natural appearance, and the hair begins to
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multiple arthritis would indicate syphilitic rather than tubercular disease of the
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In vaginal itching the following is recommended : —
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186 pages, well written, exceedingly practical, which probably was the sole medi-