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bones of the skeleton is excavated by minute radiated cells,

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mination in, because Watt's "Dictionary of Chemistry" employs it

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of liver abscess is commonly solitary though in a minority of the oases (25 per

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blood vessels being enormously enlarged, it was slow, tedious work to tie so many

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This firm of manufacturing pharmacists has been gradually progressing

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the Religious Press Aid in the Sale of Point. Dr. D. A. Stanton was elected

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an exorbitant price for our dinner, we had and was for the most part two stories

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opment. It is quite necessary that the The index is unusually compleie. i h^

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worry have a marked tendency to increase the trouble.

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bonds equal at the par value to the amount of such existing

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present in 30 per cent, of the cases of ventrofixation are certainly avoided.

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Amount of deposits, not including dividends, received during the year

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ing morphological differentiation frequently impossible.

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one sut^ect-enfeebled and uncertain. In order to impress any subject firmly upon

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actual experience : "You begin, without any apparent reason, to feel very tired โ€”

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Demonstration โ€” Dr. J. W. Squires, Char- 70. The Local Treatment of Cancer--

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One or two gentlemen have suggested the priority of making their

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43 p3g^ยป P*^^ PrafuUa Chandra R&y, professeur li Presidency

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thoroughly frozen, the patient is sure to suffer pain, and the surgeon is likely to

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easily pass my finger through the ring and around the intestine. The adhesions

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Orthopedic Cases : Deformities of the Richmond, Va.

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knownnot only to the Arabs but also to the European

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the progress of the pterygium in the early stages. A platinum needle as the posi-

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vulva; by sponges used in washing; by instruments used in the

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oxygen by rising to the surface of the cultivation liquid, and ends by

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To briefly sum up then the treatment of broncho-pneumonia :

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who are to collect and receipt for money due any doctor. It is

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the pneumatic cells and mastoid antrum. In the case reported there was the most

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Reporter of May 19th, 23d, 26th, and June 9th, 1860, extracts

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resulted ; in one month the red blood-cells increased from

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There were several masses extending from the left ovarian region upward and

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hospitals โ€” one at each asylum for their care. At Napa alone they

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wash locally. Saline cathartics lessen the hyperaemia of the

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Appendicitis," by Dr. W. B. Sawyer of Riverside. ^'Indications for

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of pregnancy, and this mistake is made by those most subject to pelvic contrac-

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Tomlinson, D. C. Addiugton, O. F. Burroughs, G. J. LongbotU'in,

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the two ounce mixture during that time. The patient recognized

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to certain venerated authorities, that a new writer on the prac-

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