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should be covered with some impermeable material in which a

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45. Moving Picture Demonstration of Report of Two Cases — Dr. Murat Willis,

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matic attack takes the place, in insane patients, of a neurotic attack.

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the latter state, a fidgety-restless condition of the

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book of fiction, glossary of professional and art terms, besides a cyclopedia of mis-

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case before us. I refer to the gangrene of the extre-

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to lay open the genital tract and examine it from the fundus uteri

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borhood. What he cannot do they certainly cannot, except to

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Hofla devised an operation which I think is the ideal operation to be adopted by

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f.75 Waltham Trust Company, Waltham, charter approved . March 21, 1901

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densis proved efficacious in effecting a cure in a goiter of preg-

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Notwithstanding the severe blow recently received by the stomach, so far as its

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it presents itself similates in many features — it

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three years ago. The two arches are made from aluminum, first hammered

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the vagina with Museux forceps, and then the diseased tube. The peritoneal

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which are perfectly satisfactory. Have had equal success with it in urethritis,

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The conclusion that I would draw from the study of these cases of recurrence

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alter^s, qu'il y ait dans le vif-argent des moli^cules

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maximum quantity of a culture in wheat bran, and of slightly putrid

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The most convenient, the quickest and the least expensive transportation

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ciation says that Popper was led to make urethral injections of

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road company : provided, however, that said bonds be

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10. Gunshot wounds of the extremities must be treated upon the most conser-

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on broncho-pneumonia following measles. Probaby the most exhaustive clinic is

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mation, and a doubtful case may still re- ^^^^^^ ^^^ associated bacteria may be.

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If, in conclusion, we admit the presence of a particular bacteria form

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repeated births of girls before the treatment. In all, out of seven recorded cases,

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Dermatology at the New York School of Clinical Medicine, Dermatologist to the Lebanon Hos-