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is receiving considerable attention in Canada at present.

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firm cordy feel to the hand. A neck slightly arched

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Committee. It will bo seen that Hartford and New Haven

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menace to the public and one which is practically uncontrollable by

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for the cure of syphilis not only when this disease may have

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strations and Operations i p.m. Royal L mdon Ophthalmic

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will allow it to descend to the ground and again trot oft on

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Summary of reports received from questions on small pox and

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taneonsly at Detroit Bay City Grand Hapids and Hillsdale beginning

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brown alcoholic tincture is to be precipitated by hydi ated lime after twelve

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seen in family medicine such as anxiety and depression.

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Veterinary College class of died at his late residence Ka

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shock. A study of the literature shows that in untreated bladder

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stream at any time as but few houses are situated directly

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system is but a part With reference to medical reform

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become united to neighboring structures and the use of

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sary mustard plaster over the heart and stomach may

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the solution thus covering the septum on both sides

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unpleasant effects. Following the cessation of the symptoms

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and utilization the total nitrogen content and attempts to demonstrate

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end of the body inserted in the cone front of the camera

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the pain increases and awakens him during his sleeping period. With day


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Dr. Jackson thought it the most extraordinary case of cancer of the

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marks properly belonging to this section have already

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drawal of the latter and prompt congelation of the oil

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mental application if long continued powerfully diminishes tho

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Dr. Satterwhite I just want to speak with reference to

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cut coat knee breeches and silk stockings willi his chubby hands exposed

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to amputate in consequence of gangrene after a simple fracture also a

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and after thoroughly searching the duct with a probe the retractor threads

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He was ushered at once into the salon where sat the twelve medical

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verschm lert nach unten geneigt und behaart. F hler mm lang.

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evidence as shown by Hunter the man Palmer and the woman

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What is the influence of pregnancy upon fibrous growths M. Gu niot

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damages were laid at lt XiO. Counsel on both sides having agreed

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In the early stages the changes in the endometrium are very

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evidence of statistics as to the frequency of the disease among soldiers and

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ment as a substitute for the ligature acupressure and torsion.

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your correspondent it really is not worth while to take the time

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was particularly rich in models of ambulance service and

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show the symptoms of uncinariosis far from it many are strong and

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