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may be lost forever. At the first sign, therefore, of nutritional
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combines every possible comfort and facility for Surgico-Artistic
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Middlesex Safe Deposit and Trust Company, . . . Lowell, .
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member thereof ; and any person may, at an annual meet-
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alyzed and made to conform to the most reliable standards.
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Wire, phone at our expense or write us for Goodyear, Goodrich, Diamond,
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10 shares Merchants' National Bank, Lawrence, [ $4,800 00 1
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Dr. Gibney said that we were not apt to look for taberculous diseases of the
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ii. Diseases of the disresti ve systein ........••
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to make an exploratory incision, and through it I brought to view a mass consist-
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tainly as we violate any of these laws; as by breathing impure air, drinking impure
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vessel in which a culture had just been completed, and without the pos-
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PHYLCTENULAR KERATITIS.— (O/^A. Record, JviXy, ^qS.) Reynolds .ad-
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any way relieving it. On the contrary, the pain increased in severity until Octo-
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a half lines, and becoming confluent. Another smaller ulcer is opposite the circum-
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by electrolysis is a slow method compared with the use of the tonsillotome, and
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been the means of saving thousands of lives and millions of treasure to the
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Journal of the American Medical Association, for July 9th, reaches conclusions
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passage of the fecundated ovum toward the uterus is thus hindered, while the
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tion. It is best to begin at the posterior edge, from which the cartilage must be
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AlmuwaflFak, not long before Alb^runf s time (*'Codex