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Open for business every business day, 8 to 11 a.m.; 3 to 6 p.m.; also Saturdays,

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side building, 3rS-aao 8. Clark street, Chicago, III.

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Claret is also very valuable; in Germany it is frequently used to the exclusion of

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Dr. Walter Lindley outlined the indications for Vaginal Hysterectomy, then

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The one drug which instantly lowers blood-pressure is amyl-nitrite;

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{d) The dangerous after-effects so commonly attendant on the use of many

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Jefferson, Woman's and Presbyterian hospitals; clinical lecturer at the Philadelphia Polyclinic

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dependence of all branches, and the real unity of each case. It will also impress

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THB Abdomen. Important Indications and Contra-Indications, with Report of Cases

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dressing, one that takes up all secretions and destroys the

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Hess, H. A., 4997, San Francisco, Barnes Med. Coll., Mo., April 6, 1893,

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although serious, is not quite as unfavorable as that of the tubercular infections

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are found to be a small clot of extravasated blood. 'So lesions have

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necrosis of a portion of the inner surface of the sacrum with exudate outside of the

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from perforation of a large vessel. As to the function of the joint, this is practi-

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of our hospitals. In spite of the invaluable results of our researches in the

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** Since then I have frequently given Tongaline and Quinine Tablets in similar

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chiefly ileum, only about six inches of the lower end of the ileum being left.

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phia. Us extended use has led to the introduction of spurious imitations, against which you have done well to guard the profes-

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action of other drugs; for instance, atropia, or homatropia, will dilate the pupil

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1. Should the cord be tied ? 2. When should it be tied ? 3. How should it

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will cause any of you to look more carefully for the cause of this disease and