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Total Amount of Loans, with Each Specified Rate of Interest.
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2. Nocturnal epilepsy and mental or epilepsy produce more rapid
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tology, Pathology, Pathological Anatomy, Pathological Chemistry, Clinical
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Number of accounts opened during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . 805
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tion of the nasal accessory cavities with y)urulent discharge into
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It would be hardly possible to convey to the reader the utility of
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tumors, as the fluid would go to fill the immense veins present in such cases.
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in children, the morbid type of which their parents have offered an
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medicinal substances into the tissues of the larynx in cases of tubercular laryngitis.
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Freventmi of fowl cholera.— This disease can only be introduced on a
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Gross amount of interest or profits received or earned, as per books,
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lie as the phrases, "His Master's Voice," you take it in time. Hundreds of patients
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healthy periosteum ; new bone is formed, and a more useful hand is the results.
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sombre of a fashionable undertaker; but slovenly wearing ap-
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Dr. A. M. Phelps said that in the patient exhibited there was a 'perfect
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than the red corpuscles, and which resemble these in color, as young or
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cases of a mixed infection, a tuberculous subject acquiring syphilis, or vice versa.
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culosis of the skin in which tubercle bacilli had been demonstrated the picture
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In pneumonia, Dr. T. J. Mays says : "Don't lose sight of
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encl.; Dr. G. W. Stearnes, with encl.; Dr. L.Traver, with encl.