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had a slight, perhaps a scarcely perceptible, chill; that some pelvic
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brief period to the extent of 120 grains. In consequence he slept
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and November ; payable third Wednesday in May and November.
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preparation is most marked when used in the cases of pregnant women and chil-
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been removed and no longer remained in connection with the centre.
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ing for pills. Incorporated with acacia or tragacanth, with starch or
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welL as the diaphoretic action, so ihat it is recommended for
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peritonitis. Death occurs usually in four with diarrhea. During fifteen to twenty
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fellows only to kill. But when you add to this natural dread the fear of deformity,
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The powder should be well rubbed up in a mortar and the
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Timothy T. Sawyer, President. George F. Tufts, Treasurer.
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Connecticut— Dr. E. G. Griswold. with encl.; Dr. G.A.Moody;
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there should be graduated registers, so arranged that the cold, heavy air, as the
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quorum shall consist of not less than seven trustees, but 1894 > 317 > § 18 -
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