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Dray, Frakk Raymond, 4995, Sacramento, Med. Dept. Univ. Harvard, Mass., June 39, 1896.

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ied with a terse foot note, that carries the information so eagerly sought by the

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f See views of Sir Isambard Brunei and M. Thilorier.

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It occurred to me that there might be septic organisms having the

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duties devolving upon him as such trustee, for six consecu-

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upper as it is universally acknowledged to be in the lower extremity.

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is mentioned by Humboldt (Kosmos 11. p. 513 E. C. Otte) who

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in all about ninety-five fowls (up to November 1). Of these, two had

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Gross amount of interest or profits received or earned, as per books,

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the resistance to the disease may be overcome by increasing the amount

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tervals of time, under the auspices of the British Government, by

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Names of committee charged with the investment of its funds :

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effect, or to elevate the anterior and superior part of the viscus

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The Southern California Medical Society held its twenty-third