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cases were treated at the Hospital during 1897, with the following results :
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getting worse each year, radiating down Dr. O'Dnscoll, who gave me the privi-
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too depressing. Sodium bromide should be preferably used
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apparatus [ Vide Illustrations] is preferred, which
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of their capacity of micrococci, it seems impossible to accept these as
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Incorporated April 13, 1891. Commenced business July 1, 1891.
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3. Report of Urological Cases Illus- a Portal of Entry in Tuberculous Cervi-
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Comprising the essentially Practical Articles embraced in
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xanax 1mg description
in fact, for several articles were omitted. The session closed with a
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syphilis was not inoculable, and therefore not con-
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may be required, on the abdomen, while the hand is kept within the
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also by means of leather/* ^^^ n q^^ ^>«it?t, ^^^'*t
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Dr. Macpherson was associated with the von Ruck's from the incipiency of this line of treatment
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spected by the U. S. Government, and every gland is selected with
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Number of accounts opened during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, 1,400
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graves a year after interment, the germs being most abundant in the
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said to be losing ground, and the view now most generally adopted by
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to produce periodical congestion of the uterine mucous membrane,
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er's yeast, he says : " For this choice the microscope is the best guide,
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Amount invested in real estate for banking purposes, . . . . $25,000 00
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soon entered a large cavity from which pus poured out in large quantities. From
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The wick of gauze in the vagina is changed every four or five days, and the
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vexatious typographical errors occur in the last article of Dr. Gar-
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learned afterward that he had fever for called malaria, one of these and one
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Will be made to Physicians who purchase by the doz«n.
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No. 1, containing 12 1 oz. Ground Stop. Bottles and
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^f^^T and ^«€gS: seem to bp correct. ! ; ..: : -^
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ther experience. The tendency has been to make the procedure much less
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cations. Any such who will send us their address, enclosing
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Highly Perfected Odorless Excavating Apparatus of the New
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pression; — your finger is upon the balance-wheel of the watch, and
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pertinent question, were the original granules observed by Klein spher-
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])articular granule Avliicli. lie saw devc'Iop iuto a, rod was different from
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No. 1, containing 12 1 oz. Ground Stop. Bottles and
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comes home he finds his wife in bed, and sends for the doctor. The family phy-
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makers" into the composition o which copper, zinc and lead enter.
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In all of these could be found the broad and the fine rods already men-
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skilled use they ought to have had, to have been the artful servants
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inoculations did not all prove fatal ; first one out of ten would recover,