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was due to his thorough understanding of the individual, and hence
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" There seems to be a high degree of probability in the assump-
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c. Effect of inoculation toith, and of injecting bacteria solutions into, the
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of sugar to the ounce of urine passed, after four days* treat-
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thesia you certiiuly will understmd. why, out of ten cases you advise to have
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To Dr. Henry Tull and medical student F. P. Gates is due a good
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catheter being kept in the urethra in order to draw off the urine."
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sory Vaccination, submitted a report. It combatted the idea of
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of (a) diluting the blood and increasing vascular tension, (b) eliminatiog toxins
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The ececiim and colon liave their mucous membrane congested, so that the cut surface
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the labors were less tedious, neither did they require resort to serious obstetrical
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rare in the tropics, probably because the inhabitants live largely on fruit diet.
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fronted at its very portal by this reference to the etiology of stomatitis as made
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severe stretching of the lower or cervical segment of the uterus, and its conse-
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It was in a baby in a moribund condition, the capillary form of broncho-pneu-
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This is a well printed and instructive volume of 516 pages. The
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discharge of bloody serum from the ear with hardly a trace of pus. He suffered
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mastoid. This nodule enlarged slowly but steadily and at the end of two weeks
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cases, with several pieces of fine sponge, oil silk,
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or Mexican can express, with kll lack of expression. Whilst waiting for the
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Plymouth County Safe Deposit and Trust Company, . Brockton,
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Ltsander N. Paine, President. William H. Young, Treasurer.
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provement has resulted. It should be given in doses of from
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the child was annoyed, surprised, or in any way excited, the brain became
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The indications for these stimulants naturally varied in differ-
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and full information for persons in want of limbs, sent free to
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Times for the dividends fixed by the by-laws : Tuesday before the third
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the bite of the needle-holder, its point had to enter the tissues in
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newspapers and magazines, is one advis- there is no prospect of failure ; on the con-
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January 6th, the fibula was fractured and the tibia straightened and shortened by
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condition. If hydrocele be a complication, as it often is, the fluid
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Pamphlets, with full descriptions and illustrations, mav be
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it implies more. It is just as possible to develop the special senses by appropriate
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purpose : provided, that the amount of the bonds so issued
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editor of the Sanitary Mngineer says that the beef was rolled corned
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history has necessitated an abstract of the results of a series of cadaveric experi-
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or lattice work from the part of the counter used exclu-
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it is greatest in amount. This fascial layer is con-
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mentally in% normal manner, just as been made m eclectic dseasesm the as
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20 shares First National Bank, Lynn, . . . . . . . 2,000 00
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Times for the dividends fixed by the by-laws : first Saturday in January
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Its tendency is ra^lKr towards recovery than death ; the former being usually
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There has, except in the hands of few, always been a large mor-
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remained in place for from two to six hours. This treatment