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first aid in treatment of bums, hoping that it may be more often tried. He says it

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the House of Delegates. Each councillor shall Dr. W." A.' McpSIuT'LumlTerton

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10) minims of the drug internally, in a little water, three times

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without further interference when the urine becomes sugar-free,

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twenty-one days, and that they were less marked than at first. He

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contribution to all that group of disease known as Bright's Disease,

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To give you more would only tire you and therefore make this paper too long,

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true of the law, conservative and does not change in principle. As the methods of

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Kick and dying pig, then by continual confinement in the infected pen, and

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tract to the lowest bidder, or it can be done by day's labor, under

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not to be thrown away. If the process of teething is going on

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been entertained in regard to them. They were formerly thought to be

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This paper is based on observations of the functional value of the kidney is un-

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one another, by the weight and strain of use in the attitudes of deformity and by

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The whole may be placed in an incubator at the desired temperature

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"Fig. 19. Apparatiis for iii_tTodTxeTJLg bloocL directly from tKe

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repeated quickly two or three times if the first filtration is not

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the urine in from five to forty-two min- The Opportunity for Medical Education in

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titled to the entire credit of this paper, we trust that the Associa-

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spoonful representing three grains of the Chloride of Propyla-

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hours, eliminate the largest amount of micro-organisms; other organs — the lungs,

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Edward H. Palmer, President. Lewis M. Bancroft, Treasurer.

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life is prolonged for three, four, or five days, and occasionally for one or

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A. J. Perkins says that this complaint, "nursing sore

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The receivers of the above-named bank having made their

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was then trephined into the diaphysis close to the epiphyseal line, and a deposit

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more receivers to take possession of its property and

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conrse, as have all authors that the reviewer has ever read, Taylor is in line on

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sideration the establishment of an adequate health department, with a

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the principles and practice of Medicine in the Charing Cross Hospital. Dirid W. Pinlay, M. D^

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slight or extensive, if produced with clean instruments, or if seen soon after

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medical journal devoted to the interests of the medical profession of

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