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the soil, and nearness of contaminating sources should be considered. In ordinary
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Bl-rton, John C, 4921, San Die^^fo, Barnes Med. Coll.. Mo., Apr. 13, 189S.
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Coast, and more especially from physicians of Southern California and Arizona.
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were slightly contracted and a frothy mucus issued from the mouth;
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3. The location of the tumor exerts little influence over the appearance of
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Dr. W. R. Townsend presented a boy 19 years of age, who had complained of
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(i) Including Chapala there are nine common Rasas ; but
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insusceptibility to the disease is not due to the presence or absence of
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the urethra, and at the junction of the latter with the bladder I
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those muscles will be successful in bringing the head upon the acetabulum.
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Dr. M. J. Bliem writes that as an external application he
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the leading practitioners of his section. E. T. Dickinson, Wilson, N. C.
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every four years thereafter, thus making our city elections fall in the
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ployed and have been kept as steadily at work as the means placed at
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actually in artlculo mortis, it is able to prolong life for several hours.
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and military hospitals, in which it has become a standard article. It i9 now prescribed by physicians and surgeons everywhere,
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of loss of motor power. The cervical ported. If the rib be large the sub-
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Total expenses of the corporation for the year ending Oct. 31, 1902 (ex-
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uterus should be performed and the curet- A carefully prepared history dealing with
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that he did not stand erect, neither did he straighten the left thigh, but kept it
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sufficiently virulent to allow me to carry out the second part of this pro-
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dose should he in proportion to the age of the child — half a minim
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removed, and the rubber sheet falling into place completes the trough.
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taining to a surgical operation, minor or major, both as to sterilizing instruments,
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good hygiene. Lyman Greene's article on "The Differential Diagnosis of
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Gross amount of interest or profits received or earned, as per books,
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go far to rid the infant of the tendency to constipation.
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returns to its normal condition. Herein is one secret of the usefulness of Hsmarch's
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them, no doubt, are getting it, but a considerable majority, probably,
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To establish this theory, an unmistakable connection must be demon-
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ton, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York crease, for although Brittany on the west
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respect be paid solely to the professional qualifications of the applicant; be it
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were inoculated in over one hundred experiments with 0.5, 4, and even