Bringing Valium Into China

Names of committee charged with the investment of its funds :
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often has a sallow hue and, in advanced cases, the anemia is marked, but decided
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demonstrate any definite anatomical defect. This predisposition consists in a lack
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The treatment is frequent emptying of (1^ to 3 grains) — of one of the iron
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of a swelling in the seat of inoculation. Six days later it was placed
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Medicil School and Hospital ; Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine ; the New York
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pathic hiccough, given to an adult in doses of 10 grains (or even
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(i) ' Cf. 'La lecture de cet ouvrage nous initie aux compte-
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in the Genito-Urinary Tract. Another ^^ patients, who have died from Tuber-
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scope there could only be discovered a very few bacillus spiares and a single rod. No
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and long life. wife, two sisters and two brothers. The
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this manner as does to the application of them by means of sprays or applicators,
bringing valium into china
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ous and practical action. The theory of personal contagion has no
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cervix to the stumps of the broad ligaments, or anchor it to the abdominal wall,
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especially in the South, the section most liable to invasions of yellow
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St. Lukes Hospital, etc., etc., New York, and W. A. Hardawav,M. D., professor of diseases of
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not injure it. One Truss will last a lifetime, and from the pecu-
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x-ray. The degree, ho^-ever. is very nioierate and gradual.
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W. — Yon would not gain entrance for the purpose of testing
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is well-known thst gold does not urtite with oxygen
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process practically agreed with what Dr. Robinson has seen; the section from the
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Moore recommends the following, which has given him
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Net income received from same during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . 2,325 00
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velocity of four to six feet per second. Tobin*s tubes, which start on the outside
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baths lessen the congestion and relieve the pain. In women, hot
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It is not within the scope of this paper to discunss the various pathological
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Eye Department, Post-Graduate Medical School, and Consultins^ Oculist to Charity Hospital,
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an imperfect removal of the secretions clogging the excretory ducts. The baths
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galaxy of gold and silver medals (fifty "First Prizes'-* won, over
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s^res de cuivre et d'un s^re et demi d'esprit de tutie ;
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Cary Warner P., 4740, Pasadena, Med. Dept. North Western Univ., Illinois. Apr. 24, 1894.
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that *4f the State laws are not sufficient to deal with these charlatans,
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during that period, and assigned to members of the class, will
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7. A conditio:) of mental automatism may follow an epileptic fit and may last
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zing in the ears are rare. The dose gen- culosis, radium, twilight sleep and detoxi-
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Incorporated Feb. 10, 1869. Present number of corporators, 28.