Is Robaxin Like Valium

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By Henry B. Millard, M.D., A.M. With Numerous IUustrat : ons.
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Case IV. — Miss C, age 24, melancholia of two years duration following brother's
is robaxin like valium
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ville, Ind., May 21st, 1853. He belonged to one of the oldest families
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Amount of withdrawals, including dividends, during the year ending
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5. The mania may occnr only once in the course of the life of an epileptic who
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effects of such first attack. 2d. That a very large dose of the virus of
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humerus in the elbow joint ; and let the coracoid process and its relation to the
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soreness or painfulness, sometimes an affection of the muscles
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rheumatism it should be used twice a day. The method recommended is to pain^
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relation between the hymns of the Atharvan and the practices
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Number of accounts closed during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, 246
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Names of committee charged with the investment of its funds :
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Dr. J. C. Heame, who has been vice-president, gives way to Dr. Lelia Latta, and
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It is needless here to enter on the question of the true nature of the
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' ApomoPvPhia in Epilepsy and Mania. — Dr. A. M. Fauntleroy,
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Dr. Phelps said that anchylosis was due to the severity of the inflammation,
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The first and most prominent symptoms in unilateral cases are limping and
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portions of the decidua reflexa, which had become adherent, appear
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increased or absent knee-jerks. The peripheral nerves give most satisfactory evi-
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her the key of the wine cellar; but it was soon perceived that, in
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it a very nice and efficient nervine, just the thing for the children and nervous
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ing her away. To see her thus, no one could have believed that she was in an
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gious impetigo with vaccination, he had seen a series of cases,
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ly slight to lead to the suspicion that it is inter-
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increased temperature together with restlessness, loss of appetite, slight icterus
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Tuberculin or some of its modifica- more effective remedies which we owe
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heat, molecular motion, atmospheric vibration. In lifting the books I stored up