Herbal Alternative To Valium

Dr. G. W. Lasher : There is nothing to add» I can only emphasize what the
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Hypodermic Injection of a Compound Solution of Iodine. By Chas. Wilson Ingra-
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Shiels, John W., Soai, San Francisco, Royal CoH. Phys. and Royal Coll. Surg^. Edinipirgh,
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agitated with a ladle. When the fluid becomes clear^
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Philip Stockton, President. George "W. Grant, Treasurer.
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Total Amount of Loans, with Each Specified Rate of Interest.
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4. How many of the abortions named in questions 2 and 3 were followed by
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by injecting 1 pint of physiological salt solution under the skin
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C. W. Backhus, Pa. : Dr. .1. V. ZacUarias, Md ; Dr. J. Baei . Md. ;
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Placing the patient in the genu-pectoral position, a truly deplorable
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Dr. R. W. Miller : I agree as to correction of refractive error. If patient is
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gical subject, and will certainly be a valuable addition to the library of any one who