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(British Medical Journal) says that Causes of sore and blistered feet are in-

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lished. The amebae are found both in the pus and in sections of the abscess

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more frequently in subjects of floating kidney, than in those with kidneys in nor-

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Massachusetts — Drs. B. W. Sanford, C. D. Cleaveland, H. Corni-h-

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during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . . t 2 per cent., 23,473 35 J

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There is no law to compel yon to attend the sick who have no means to pay

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examine the anatomy of the anterior surface of the bladder and see if

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is removed at the end of a week and the patient is allowed to sit up and move

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Jardinieres, Automobile Trimmings, Electric and Gas Fixtures.

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can you take valium for back pain

Incorporated Feb. 20, 1871. Present number of corporators, 34.

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investigation become more exact, the details of procedure change with them,

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