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Total number of open accounts Oct. 31, 1902, .... 3,196
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lucid intervals, such a desire to be well, that he caused himself to be
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CAUSE.— H. H. Young, in Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin for May '98, revives
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hesitate to do so, as it will reform in a few days. When powder is in too deep to
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for a badger. The patient had been revelling in a protracted drunken spree for
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Diagnosis in Abdominal Disorders. Presidential Address at Western Sar-
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then inoculated with the smallest possible particle of coagulum taken
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hfHWjning of the pigmentation. Finally the patient discontinued
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Microscopic lTU\^esti6 atiOTi.s "by D.E. SalTcvoii^.D.V.M. Plate K.
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opened, the surgeon at the left, and the fundus is seized with forceps each side
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Goethe says : "He who studies his body too much becomes diseased— his
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in the year 1728, this disease had sunk into oblivion, and was seen or heard of
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Amount of investments from which no income is received, . . . 19,41129
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Average excess of dailv mean temp, during month, less
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a bath with a temperature ranging between 107° and 113** F.
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Tenth. Such corporation may hold stocks, bonds or securities
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necessary to put in a catgut suture or two to prevent a superficial wound from
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diagnosis, whit Vierordt has done for medicine, give a succinct resumd of the
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a matter of considerable importance what caustic agent is selected to apply to the
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the wound homicidal or suicidal? ' It is axiomatic that a homicide can inflict any
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be assnmed by the grim janitor when he invites ns through them. Addison in
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other things there is a complete set of the New Sydenham Society's
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the diseases of the nervous system. The tentative treatment of three years ago
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termining between many of those varieties wliicli have been best studied,
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(Reg^ular meeting, Dec 17, 1S97, ^^ President, Dr. B. R. Smith, in the chair )
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Practically speaking, however Psycho- manifestations may be, and often are
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port, ergot and digitalis to contract, transfusion to reinforce, and compression to
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f**^ Circumference of tumor, 58 1-2 inches. Circumference of tumor, 5a inches.
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persons after prolonged losses of blood, to convince you that any modifications
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large fibroid jand pregnancy. The lines indicate the direction of the greatest
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Is it difficult to establish the diagnosis of dipsomania ?
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