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saw a slight escape of matter, looking like pus and serum, which
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cubic centimeters. The strychnine was discontinued on account
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which I consider not only harmless but the most powerful healing agents that I
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muscles under the influence of phos- it is still present after 10 weeks. In the
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The recent creation of bacteriology, the resultant development of preventive
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as much as two ounces of a two per cent, solution into the bladder without effect,
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for the convenience of binding under the respective headings of—
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The treatment of nose-bleed is local and the most reliable
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ureter, through a catheter in the kidney incision, into the pelvis. The wound in
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verts it into a natural suspensory, which supports the testicles and
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As the editor says, there is no lack of books on clinical medicine, but the beauty,
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bring before this' Section some of the results observed during the
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accompanied by considerable dyspnea and by marked pain on coughing or deep
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ed. Gafigadhara). But KWswa- worship was in vogue at the time
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{d) The dangerous after-effects so commonly attendant on the use of many
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gravity: from the superficial form, the track is large, frequently branching and
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fl. Gross recommends calcium chloride administered per
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tion, leading to the opinion that an impacted calculus might be the
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improvements made in the school department, in respect to water
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about one-half hour. The frequency of the bath depends upon the frequency of
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peripheral sensory nerves. In the absence of definite knowledge
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are enough to counteract the constipation. Saline waters or a
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presents a black and bright appearance on fracture,
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chance of adhesion under its gripe. More perilous than here is the
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in the Fight against Tuberculosis in North Car- Point.
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known methods of treatment in commoner diseases of the eye.
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to hemorrhage both arterial and venous anemia are present, while in shock, surgi-
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the county a short time ago for $11,000. It was covered by $10,000
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might develop themselves in practice. The fact that the disease is com-
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sician arrives and makes a thorough examination, and informs John that his wife