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sick, "and found that the poisoning was due to the formation of cer-
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securing as editor Dr. Horatio C. Wood, the well-known authority
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the case of Bollinger, where the only seat of the disease was in the brain. The
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ending June 30, 1883. Washington, D. C: Gibson Brothers,
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the following deductions respecting the relation sustained by the external audi-
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epiphyseal cartilage, the matter of preserving this is of the first importance. The
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mined. It is only a cess pool, and it is disease is overlooked. There is no ques-
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miscarriages. Not markedly emaciated. About two years ago noticed beginning
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whilst the patient has entirely regained his former
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The opposite result of preservation of the cholera ]>oison in a limited
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P. Wright, R. S. Allen, C. Provenchcr, A. Smith, S. Gardener,
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Certain Other Technical Terms:^ — On Apparatus (the
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ent currents, this weight will be lifted forty-five
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that I believe, working in the same lines, this Society might do much
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during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . 1 2 per cent., 4,856 38 3
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This continued for three days, gradually lessening. Sleep came only through
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London, Eng., reports a number of cases of headache successfully treated, and
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Island, for its prompt, its practical, and its sublime
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Amount of withdrawals, including dividends, during the year ending
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cannot be too emphatically dwelt upon, as even when all other conditions are
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of these Limbs are worn, (though few are suspected.) and a
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liver. But both openings were some distance from the edge of the organ. How
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