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November ist. Patient has been attending to his practice for two months,
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There is more to be feared in the treatment of Angular Cnrvatnre by forcible
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" The blood is a slowly burning liquid, ' the oil is the flame of
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condition of the urine, it is much more common to see them as the result of some
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gunpowder as quoted above are latei: interpolation^.
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Amount of deposits, not including dividends, received during the year
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Greensboro, N. C , on the third Tuesday of next June.
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the charge of shot and wad. This extensive wound was thoroughly asepticized,
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Also Chikitslta. Ch. XXX. 112 ; ed. D. N. Sen and U. N. Sen.
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hnally by four successive inoculations with the most potent virus I
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of ten minutes or more. The surgeon's hands and instruments should previously
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3d. Exposure to infection is comparable to inoculation unth a minimum
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of nitrate of silver, etc., are important adjuvants.
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making him, it is now important to have as near as is possible an aseptic patient.
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the busy practitioner who can carry it readily in his pocket or in his gnp.
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the stomach can retain it. In the summer the syrup of the tan-