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automatism, memory may be completely abolished for hours, days, or weeks.

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years, where severe types of dysentery are endemic, usually gives

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3. The direct action of the metabolic products of the yeast-

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have never separated an after-birth, as above described, that was not expelled by

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Sutj^ery, April, 1S9S. The Inguinal Operation for Femoral Hernia. From the Postf^radn-

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Is prepared according to the published formula, each table-

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very little, she now being almost a fit subject for an insane hospital. Having

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Total number of open accounts Oct. 31, 1902, .... 3,658

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Massachusetts— Dr. E. L. Warren, B. de Gersdorff, with encl.:

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Names of committee charged with the investment of its funds :

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the round ligament by drawing up a loop of it and stitching it to itself for a space

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Dr. A. Jacobi teaches that, while during the early days

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a gre^t deal of trouble at a later stage when eburnation would require that the

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doctors are no longer afraid of abdominal surgery, and, there is no scarcity

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person, weighing about 190 lbs. Labor set in on the Vth day of

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gloves upon their hands, but diligently follow their labo.urs, sweat-

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the diseases of the barnyard. You stretch without any seeming idea as to what

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tonsillotome and like methods of removing are not applicable: these yield slowly

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