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detected the disease in this animal. She was preserved and afterwards used in other
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The electrolytic and cataphoric effects of electricity are far more useful and
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for at night she would suddenly awake with a very acute, sharp,
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among the patients, agree that the State should at once establish four
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of sodium, and, of late, peroxide of hydrogen has had some
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6. Attempts to remove the fat or fatty acids from the bacilli by ether or chloro-
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developed, the acetabulum was undeveloped, and the capsular ligament was
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Total number of open accounts Oct. 31, 1902, .... 12,128
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advice is well meant I doubt if it is of much value, for each one must develop
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1234 inches long. 8 inches wide, 9 l 4inches hiah. Price, $13 50
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Dr. Bemeike thought suggestive therapeutics was a term really meaning hypno-
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of all the ordinary forms of treatment, I State Anti-Tuberculosis Association has
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edj a little rock-salt should sprinkle their heads {tnouths)
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cions point in the cartilage is attacked even at the lisk of entering the joint.
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puerperal state produce very evil results here. For example, an ac-
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ARHYTHMIA OF THE PULSE.— (6^«tV. Med, Magazine, January, 1898.)
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human face which never could have been lighted up with thought — a living face
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Before the introduction of antitoxin I treatetl four cases of diphtheria, all of
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neath the surface, to avoid germs from the atmosphere, before breaking
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ment. The present condition is certainly an agreeable contrast to that of former
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When the disease involves the body of the womb he injects