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(2) Charaka himself naively assigns his reasons for giving
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neglected. Physicians and nurses who are especially exposed to wound infection
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Dillard, Lynchburg, Va. 50. Eye Injuries and Their Treatment
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sults of treatment. The wound was caused by matches, with
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or eucaine may be added to the solution for anaesthetic purposes.
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congestion in both large and small intestines ; enlarged and hypera;mic lymphatic
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the dilution of the virus can be so conducted as to produce a mild in
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drainage. The method of incision as performad by Dr. Tansley is the best, and
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instructors of large experience both in teaching and in laboratory and clinical
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incontinence or the tendency toward it increasing materially with each division of
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pervision of Frederick N. Owen, C. and S.E. Vol. 1. New York:
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which I hope you never will, and come got from smith "on account or the hogs
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(under the New Patents,) in unexampled perfection. Thousands
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phia, concludes in a " prelhnitiary paper" {Medical JVeios, September
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ascites, loss of appetite, indigestion, disinclination
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podermic and oral administration lies, he is unable to say, but states that one must
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Knapp, that raise the doubt in any individual instance. In such cases
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The Southern California Medical Society held its twenty-third
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parts it is meant to join together, nriay be supposed
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tlie pathogenic bacteria are correct; for liere we have two cases m
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shifted, but he himself must not stir a limb. Always fresh air
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j year, and have received many testimonials of its remarkable
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yellow, and in case of anemia lips will flow of bile.
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Mrs. Frank A. Gibson, Los Angeles. The profession of this city will
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ophytw of Cohn and the bacteriacece or bacteria of most writers ; they
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entirely of fermented liquors during his entire lucid period.
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inclosed by thickened whitish fibroid walls. Immediately below this the muscular