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culosis, the disease is primarily intra-epiphyseal; that a diagnosis can often be
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canal. Unfortunately the resistance of the drum to the exit of the invaders is
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test tube, it^isjputjin ^water-bath, and heated up to 84° C. (183.2°
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delirious mind. He preserved them for some time and then burned them.**
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other method yet used, and (5) it makes a patient who fears
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i^\ €^^ Wti^^ ^'^S^'Rfq t^t ft«t I VII. p. 123, R. L.
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Ohio. This disease was not mentioned in previous editions.
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was considered the sheet-anchor. In my first years of practice, if a strong
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36 in 148. According to my investigation, the other seveaty-five per cent, went
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floating in it in such vast numbers. Nearly every investigator has been
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Professor Emeritus of the Theory and Practice of Medicine in Harvard
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§ "Tot veneficiis placere cogitur, et miramur noxium esse
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and easily applied by every one that it should bo instituted at the
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I know tull well that this is a deep and inexhaustible subject. If I have given
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neys. Ten minims in water three or four ^^" ^^" '^^^ ^'^^ '^"^^ '^'"^^' ^^'^^ ^^^ '"
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proclaim them ostentatiously. Let them be brought forward, in the
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alarming the waste, the more conglomerate and irrational are likely to
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These things are but the result of suggestion conveyed to the subjective mind.
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16 oz. Macerate from ten days to two weeks." It will be per-
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Whereas alopecia has been regarded for some time before all the newspaper
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Open for business every business day except Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 12 m.
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believe, hundreds of years, and is conveniently used today for conditions, which we
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Amount of deposits, not including dividends, received during the year
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Vaccines? In acute cases Shermans' No.6 has proved very successful. In chronic cases
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deaths had been reported, the kyphos had been reduced in a cadaver with rupture
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Women." The third and last lecture is on the ** Abuse of the Operation of Colos-
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^0 tSn r>hvilwv P^'"'''^^-!' ""^ P^toplasm to wander from them under
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pipes between. .This system requires less fuel and is more easily managed after
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Connecticut— Drs. W. H. Richardson, G. D. Grant. Illinois— R.
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Number of loans which are of an amount not exceeding $3,000 each, 352
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second and promptly following operation. It will be urged that in aspirating first
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the highest powers except at its border. 2. The drop of water forming
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quickly sealed. Mailo in this way, the tube wheu sealed contains super-
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'•omfortable, and altogether better than the ivory, hard rubber,
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lightning pains were rendered uncndur- 1915, xv 16.
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which I crudely outlined might be called atonic dyspepsia if the patient's capacity
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rent of such safe or box in full to the date of such notice,
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membrane very rarely, and then slightly, affected; nodes and peri-
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Number of loans which are of an amount not exceeding $3,000 each, 466
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duced, but when he injected with them the solution in which they were •
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Committee on Organization, the III Pan American Medidal Congress is hereby
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things to relate. We hope to have a paper soon, on the customs ot
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manipulation I became satisfied there was something unusual about it. The