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9. Insanity is rather more liable to be associated with mild fits than with Hiose
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to, combined with codeine in capsules. He heartily recommends the substitution
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during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . (2 per cent., 5,827 09 J '
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ph3r8icians had, early in the labor, carefully searched for the reason of delay in
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However, as an act courteous, and because it is our pleasure, we
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of malignant disease for it is not but to By Samuel Lile, M. D., President Virginia State
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This book is intended for practical use. Part I is devoted to post-mortem exam-
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port since leaving England. A still more striking instance is that of
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tenotomies and reported better results than by treatment with apparatuses.
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effect upon hernia, hemorrhoids, varicocele, varicose veins and prolapses of the
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two months and had caused no bad symptoms, the only one noted being a roaring
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: •,;[}) with ivory masse- projecting at right an-
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State Legislature, provides for the appointment of surgeons
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laei der des Eisenvi^riols und des Alauns, ohne die bei4en ersteren
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has not been thorough, or that the fowls have gained access to in-
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works upon urine analysis. Of late years he has also written an entensive work upon
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proving the digestion and promoting the efficiency of vital func-
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in the right inguinal region, extending downwards into the perineum
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of this disease. The deafness in cerebro-spinal meningitis is due to troubles in
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Its first eflFect is to dilate the coronary arteries, and a normal amount of blood—
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Suffolk Savings Bank for Seamen and Others, Boston — Continued.