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upper and lower segments were relaxed. Charpentier is nearer correct when he
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by Geological Speculations. By Rev. L. Vernon Harcourt, Lon-
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Incorporated April 3, 1860. Present number of corporators, 112.
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as they are in the literature which children are allowed to read. According to
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professors and lecturers in the leading medical colleges of the United States, Germany, AoaCria,
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traiuna and when we are in position to estimate the degree of loss of blood, we
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of the internal surface of leg, around under the heel, and end at a point on the out-
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failed to mitigate. Appetite failed her, and she be-
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Names of committee charged with the investment of its funds :
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On the high road to knowledge it is not always he who presses quickly forward
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quarters, and allow of the postponement of many operations until the shock from
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A good asthma powder for emergency use is one part by
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Magazine, Jan., 1898. By Boardman Reed, M.D., Philadelphia.
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require and may annually expend therefor, including the
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for years have been hot'beds for the bacillus of tuberculosis, and by persons carry-
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of snake poison, which promises to be of great value in all cases
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The following formulae for the use of camphor as anaes-
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electrical, it was only a temporary benefit. The pain in the left side and in the
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ing its poisonous properties, that this poison may be made to combine
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young domestic in another family, who was convalescing from a mild
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person to be so infected with blood poison, which in all probability would speedily
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consists essentially in the symptoms set up by the presence of large
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whether through nature or religion. And Medical Society.
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The Principles of Treatment. By J. Mitchell Bruce, M.D., F.R.C.P., physician
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Experiment JVb. S, July 30. — One hen inoculated with fluid pressed from
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the os was soft and dilatable, determined to turn, and terminate the
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ide baths without mortality. The treatment was given as fol-
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degree as to interfere with his employment. He stated that in September, 1893,
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to add enough cascara sagrada to each dose to secure free evacua-
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more useful bureau of the departments of the government than this
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but nearly a year after, during a rainy period, the liquid oozing out on
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the parts, dilated the cervix and thoroughly explored the uterus and found no
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<>. Aug. 9. 1**1.— The following act of Con-
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l - This Epitome, which has been prepared with great care, should be in the library of every physician in the country."
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belongs to the class of encephaloid carcinoma is quite probable, for he had the
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The Antikamnia Chemical Company, Dr. Crothers writes : " Antikamnia continues