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The second indication is to medicate the inflamed surface. Two ways suggest

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may hope that the statistics of the future will be much more favorable than those

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wen, II. II. Smith, S. R. Savage, II. H. Roberts. Vermont—

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fire (agneya astraj, they ~ became frightened and fled in bewilder-

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cough with bromoform ; if that fails, I try antipyrin, then belladona, and finally

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quires one-half its volume 1 to 20 carbolic-acid solution; one-

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there. I noticed a crackling sensation on- praeiore in the soft tissnes contignous

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for the reason that the life of the patient during the most critical period of her

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Who can say what the possibilities are of our suggestion upon the physical life of

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In many cases a nice warm meal is better than any medicine ;

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the involved area begin to recede. This remedy is then sus-

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tions for being sick ; but I that have examined the parts of man and know upon

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records of births, deaths, cash account, etc. It is made in size to suit for visitiag

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of the sponge pores promptly resume the rounded contour of the cylindrical blood

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revealed that the urinary apparatus was not to any great degree

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ease from sucklings upon wet-nurses, and its exten-

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R. Tyson, with encl. ; Dr. II. P. Kay. with encl. Bhocle Island —

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To reach Hempstead, you drive from the quaint, old town of

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through vesting the power of appointment in the Mayor; otherwise they

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the railroad and railroad property of such company, and

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Dr. H. G. Brainerd opened the discussion by a talk on Pathology and Diagnosis

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alteration m the nutrition of nerve-ele- ^'^', ^' _^ •'^ r ■o_...u„..u^,,;

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ring, and the hair epilated for 1 centimeter outside of it, the

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The local treatment is important. As a liniment the fol-

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but IS lu'ld III the flame till nearly rod, v.'lien the two extremities are

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used more extensively than any one article in the diet of the sick. I will

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Gross amount of interest or profits received or earned, as per books,

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handling, varied to meet varieties in the case. Oxygen inhalations are particularly

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Times for the dividends fixed by the by-laws : first Tuesday in May and

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4. To every member of the Society a copy ^ f .y^ flTinmi ^P-^c-inn^ ^haii <^PiPct a Cnm-