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ished that I yet existed. I could not read the description of any malady without
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L. Moore, with end.; Dr Octavius King, with encl. ; Dr. H. B.
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and attached with gut. Post operative history normal. It is yet too early to report
valium schedule 2
Dr. A. Brenizer, Charlotte, N. C Dr. A. B. Groom, Ma.xton. N. C.. Dr. J, M Covington. Wadesboro, N. C, Dr. W. C.
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such particles of red globules are living, or that they could in any way
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ment of the lymphatic glands of the neck involving the mastoid, parotid, sub-
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Transactions of the Michigan State Medical Society for the Year
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rhage and is of great value in the treatment of the various toxemias, and in renal
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Number of accounts closed during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, 405
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find rasa used in a two-fold sense, — ancient and
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before starting on an outing, and this includes tourists, picnickers, bicyclers, and
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local application of alcohol under perfect air exclusion. Cot-
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its citizens from the fearful ravages of tuberculosis, as to shield them from the
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Cold baths should never be taken when the body is fatigued,
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ulcerations in the tonsils — one in the tongue —
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and Willis A. Dewey, M. D. Fifth by which the organism serves to protect
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indiscriminate use of bromides chiefly because of the danger
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mailing to each member a written or printed notice thereof.
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T. R. Lewis, t The few filaments shown were the only ones in the prep-
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preparation in cases where the action of pure santal and saw-palmetto is indicated.
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tubes does not prevent its decomposition unless unusual precautions are
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in cases of prolonged labor where the infant has swallowed much liquid amnii ;
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be left to itself; if large, however, and the effu-
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tive inoculation. The result with this sixteen, then, cannot be con-
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sion. An anterior splint, carefully padded, so that there may be no premnre on
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birth canal until there is no further strain Without thorough preparation, a nurse
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preparation for operation, nor the very necessary aseptic and antiseptic pre-
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The accompanying cut represents the sutures in position, and the
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Total number of open accounts Oct. 31, 1902, .... 2,055
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The objections of Nageli to such views are founded upon the follow-
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when the child is lying down this secretion cannot escape by these means, and