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Jan. 38 1895. Fac. Phys. and Surj;. iilasirow, Scotland, Jan. a8, 1S95.
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of the whole body. For this purpose qualities of their goods are due to the
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gynecology, rhinology, otology and laryngology are not considered. Orthopedic
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removed, post-mortem, from the body of a negro washerwoman,
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present in 30 per cent, of the cases of ventrofixation are certainly avoided.
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ington, of ^^^inston-Salem, and E. G. "I have appointed Dr. George F. Sar-
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be stated that there has been in certain parts of our own country almost as much
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apparently slight injuries. If an inflammatory condition of the conjunctiva of
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consists in fulfilling in the highest possible degree the laws of hygiene and diet.
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passed. When he began it on the first day every ease was cured.
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This method is used, of course, when it is desired to reduce temperature and
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normal labor, be repeated every eight hours; in cases of difficult or
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to cure. Dr. Daniels has had as good success and recommends it
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had been stated and demonstrated by radiographs, that bone had been reproduced
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invite than repel. Closets should never be directly counected with a school
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deformity. We should also take careful note of the condition of the skin — the
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porter. As a general principle, the supportive plan of treat-
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sonorous and sibilant ones in the upper part of the lungs, and muco-
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W8sh out the bladder, and too often this is too long deferred. Tepid water
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Average for U. S. (Census 1912) 14.1 in 1,000 Baltimore, 10 per cent, or more
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(i) The Benares Ms, reads "ggf ifi^ MSqn*' and drops if
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Lecturer on Anatomy. Surgeon to Philadelphia Hospital; etc.
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charter is in the introduction of civil service rules in the appointment
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knife. Nor do I propose to shock your sensibilities by a rendition of the many
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in all inflammatory conditions, they are highly beneficial, and in cases of
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patient is dying, and when you arrive you find that that is the fact.
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classic medical literature of the ancients, it will be found to have been a frequent
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[Entered at the Post-Officc at Charlotlp. as second-Class matter.]
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drawn. If it becomes necessary from the mote cell has no other source of nourish-
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quently layed over the mouth and nostrils for a few moments at a time. The
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hysterectomy ; Doyen, in an uncomplicated case, does the same operation in four
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Value, by books, of real estate, held or owned by foreclosure or otherwise, $25,156 36
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Maximum velocity of wind, direction, und date, 15m, W.,
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obliquely downward and inwards, and form a trunk which trans-
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In the salt-grass pastures of the lower Santa Ana valley may be seen the bleach-
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may find that the head has an inclination to leave the cavity anteriorly, which
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opening within the bowel only. Sometimes a fistula occurs as the result of
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Case I. — Appendicitis in a Child ^ Eva 5., aged four years, — Was perfectly