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HARE (Columbus Medical Journal., August 29, 1898) calls attention to the
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uterine contraction, if necessary, even to pass our hand into the cavity. Of
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Amount of investments from which no income is received, . . . 15,375 00
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mund, with encl.; Dr. P. M. Schweinhard, with encl. ; Dr. J. H.
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cotic tumor, and producing the disease. Later Ponfick succeeded in a calf. Wolf
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(3) Never under any circumstances allow benefit.-Proceedings of the Royal
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Lateral Curvature Treated by Forcible Reduction. — Dr. Gibney also pre-
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few years. tion. Recognizing the nurses' view point.
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their elimination by stimulating the excretory organs.
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Total number of open accounts Oct. 31, 1902, .... 2,003
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' - . I 'aliments.— Vic. S. Yoiinsr, Pa. : Br. W. Tavlor. Ta. : Dr.
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of the abdominal and sac walls and portal circulation. Any other cause of heart
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in a healthy body can there exist a healthy this volume to his librarv. It is a neatly
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but convenience, the fact that chloroform is pleasanter to administer and le«8 dis-
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Messrs. A. B. & D. Sands: Gentlemen — I have been familiar with the history of the "Elixir of Opium" from the time it was
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possible after the diagnosis has been made.'' He favors early large dosage, and
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the selection of site, especially if it is to be from a well. In towns and cities the
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city, will be found in the numbers of the Medical and Surgical
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do most drug tests test for valium
is often wisely combined with hypophosphites, which seem to augment its cura-
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April 7 the eighth generation was obtained and a single pig inocu-
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its favor that cannot be claimed for the perineal operation none will
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turn at once to these volumes, and find the views of
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tography of the larynx can be extended beyond the boundary of
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Amount of withdrawals, including dividends, during the year ending
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tarry blood will flow. But, when it does flow at length freely, oh,
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Harvey reported a case of Tedious Labor. These two articles were
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with a scientific system of astronomy. They learned
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members of a family or close community in which diphtjieria breaks out, neglects
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a short while met many friends from the It seemed to me at the time that 1 was
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Harper. Chas. W., 49J6, Igo, Shasta Co., Med. Dept. Univ. Maryland, March 8, 1869.
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oped period. The organs and the nerve centres are fully developed,
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stantly stirring. ^Yhen this is thoroughly mixed the rose-water
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" i| " $5 ; 4 do. $15 ; 13 do. $25 ; 6 mos. $35 ; 1 year. $50.
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Incorporated June 4, 1892. Commenced business May 4, 1893.
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of prostatitis, with loss of virile power in elderly men, I find its action superb. In
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customed. For him the cares of life and the noise of the outside world are