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Number of accounts opened during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . 104
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pages 2S2, 355, 373. 353. 399. 456, 513. 549, 616, 627. and 70S. the
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Cuvillier i^Rev, de Therapcut, October 15, 1897) recommends that pharyngeal or
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along the course of the inflamed vein, the following is applied : ā€”
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diminished. In the course of five or six days at times only a
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tained by free incisions into diseased joints, had so
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New lork, 1J15. author's easy style, faculty of clear ex-
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amputation. Perhaps Dr. Davidson overdid the scrubbing. After a post-mortem
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twelve hours, paracentesis should be done. Early paracentesis,
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miraculous," and Sir Thomas Browne adds, *' Men that look no farther than their
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John E. Gale, President. George W. Notes, Treasurer.
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his duty to so secure him as to prevent him injuring himself or
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Yor7cā€”T)T. Louis Bauer. 3; J. Winchester, Dr. H. O. Tallmadge,
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As to the conditions and the mode in which the con-
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be true that there exists in the nervous system a special centre which
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public value of these Inventions. All genuine " Palmer Limbs"
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done, then amputate at the metacarpo-phalangeal joint.
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sur8:eon and lecturer on Ophthalmic Surgery to the Westminster Hospital ; Ophthalmic Surge on
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A.M., MD., Professor of Surj^ery in the Medical Department of the University of Buffalo.
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come for the administration of drugs for mere psychic eflfect, nor yet
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with a percentage greater than one. Opium, quinine, arsenic,
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upon the finer structure of the brain is apparent when we consider the delicacy
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sure to be dry. So, that eliminates the puzzle of monthly adjustment.
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great expense, a series of plates in large size, with liberal margins suitable for
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as swelling may be present, and may disappear, leaving the bandage loose, or
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postenor gastroenterostomy to relieve j-^^^^ -^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ delaved. The im-
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solution of sulphuric acid, and allowed to stand four hours before using!
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The glycerine is added in order to increase the tendency to
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side of the neck through the base of the skull and the brain, and
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a blister. He has never seen it produce strangury. Now in a case
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While water is not food, it is the medium in and through which the processes
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Coast, and more especially from physicians of Southern California and Arizona.
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