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bined with citric or sulphuric lemonade and ergotin. It is rapidly absorbed.

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I put her on tonic treatment, strychnia 1-60 gr. every four hours. Iron 7>i m.

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coal-tar products. Attention has lately been called to the fact that in

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and body of the pubis, and to the fascia covering the obturator

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detect the Tuberculosis Bacillus m the latent ^^jj^^^/^^^l^^^^f °^^;^^;,%^^\p°|^;*^^

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Kidney Lesions by the Microscopical Examination of the Urine," by Heitzmann,

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eft'iision. In the intestine were found in large number the parasitic

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second application of adrenalin. The adrenalin was used not

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noia may be explained as a condition of which chronic and S3rstematized

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System." — Dr. Frederic M Hanes, Richmond, Raleigh.

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up to the date of his letter he had experienced great difficulty in securing

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ent in from 20 to 40 per cent, of all cases of rheumatism whether mild or severe, and

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mosquitoes are prevalent, and in the evenings when sitting out-

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sary to attain it. Take useful ideas and experiences from friend or foe alike, and

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Amount of investments from which no income is received, . . . 5,000 00

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ratus than heretefore with the various autoclayes, generators and other devices.

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Knowing in the first place how to recognize it, there are dipso-

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anything that may be required, as under no circumstances should

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valium 5mg dan 5619

White— Drs. L. I. Sawer, S. K. Locke, N. P. Carter, and G. Gray,

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were better. But the men in that part of the Confederate army on

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tered prior to said date which has adopted or which shall

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ple apparatus, as it is written by a general surgeon who has taught orthopedic

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tions, as a rule, spinal disability and pain were early and prominent symptoms, mark-

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ease were fantastic in the extreme, and the treatment bdsed thereon equally so.

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mortality of inflammatory affections. There still remain, however, some

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sphere of acting to those that give the brightest promises. In the fol-

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present time, though formerly it w T as of frequent

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who complain that we turn out men now-a-days who possess wide

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would continue to visit a case of acute Principles and Practice of Medicine 8th

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by two subsequent inoculations. The experiment is, therefore, without

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weight of powdered turmeric and Ajowan {^tychotis ajoTvan) and

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may be required, on the abdomen, while the hand is kept within the

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10,000 candle power; " secondly, a water-chamber-lens, through

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