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TOTAL EXTIRPATION OF THE STOMACH.— (5/. Louis Medical Review.)

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Kaviratna's Eng. trans, pp. 564-65). Bodas in his learned Intro-

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In this experiment there is a confirmation of the results of the preceding one, and

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can be held responsible for much of the insanity of the colored race,

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tumors, as the fluid would go to fill the immense veins present in such cases.

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lung. An exsection was made in this case, the boy being thirteen years of age,

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Number of loans which are of an amount not exceeding $3,000 each, 140

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abscesses developed, about a dozen in all. These were opened, washed out with

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malignant cholera-morbus, and for days lay in an almost unconscious condition.

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It has no control, or very little, over the involuntary acts of the body. It, like

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The Record thinks as glaucoma is a disease that requires prompt

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kept in an incubator at a temperature of 90° to 100° P. for a few days,

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is it not remarkable that his selection by a family is so often a matter of chance ?

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tion precedes the use of the extract. Its use seems to furnish primary healing of

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twelve hours, paracentesis should be done. Early paracentesis,

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to transact fidelity insurance or corporate suretyship in

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In cases of acute gonorrhoeal urethritis a 10- or 15-per-cent.

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