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It is hoped by means of it to prevent death during operations.

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awake until 5 o'clock. I found his pulse was normal, temperature 99°, skin moist,

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reach several quarts. Wood states that the pus of one of these abscesses has

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Diarrhoea. — Fatty diarrhoea (steatorrhoea) is not uncom-

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brain was transfixed by a ramrod without fatal result. The ramrod,

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agonizing character, or pain prolonged over many days, are the sole evidences

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as such in the urine, and therefore is of no use as an ailment.

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no sugar. At 10 o'clock, one egg. At 12 o'clock, one cup

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Coxa Vara.^Br. Whitman also presented a boy, 11 years of age, who had the

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wise healthy, and, as to sexual functions, regular.

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Amount invested in real estate for banking purposes, $30,000 00

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brain and spinal cord fell into one class. Tabes is the most important of these,

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had he vomited, nor complained of nausea ; the res-

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ternitz as a bland diuretic. Jaenicke states that its diuretic

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occurred until the fourth day, when she had a very severe seizure. Happily she

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and notice. There is a dread disease which so prepares its victims, as it were,

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cases, with several pieces of fine sponge, oil silk,

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