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In a few cases where the pain has persisted I have found it necessary to tnci:ic

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In severe cases among children, Dr. Tiouis Starr says that

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usual manner, the diaphyseal focus, through an opening on the anterior surface

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commonwealth, or in the first mortgage bonds of a railroad

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Dr. W. P. Freeman : I took charge of the practice of a physician in a mining

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hydrocele with the wire-seton. Where success has followed this

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jority of both teachers and boards have only given attention to hygiene because

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and therewith identified are libei^aled though alive.**

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the jaw. It allows a fair amount of freedom to the head, a factor which is

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who.complained of bladder irritation and scalding urine. The total quantity of

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openings, in which case it frequently follows a pre-existing intestinal or omental

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The severity of the symptoms was so great and the pain in certain regions was so

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ever was a time when it was unknown. The application of the silver

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think a great deal is gained by irrigation of the bladder. Think I have seen

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with tiie peritoneal efl'usion showed no signs of ill health, but those in-

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Compound Cordial of Cod Liver Oil is a most admirable and available preparation

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febrile affection, depending probably upon an unknown infective agent, and

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be not blinded by the advantage of the present, for the world is full of wrecks of

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graduation, became interne in the Philadelphia Episcopal Hospital,

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Meter, John S., 500a, Challis, Idaho, Central Med. Coll., Mo., Mar. 31, 1897.

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sides being affiliated with the A. M. A. prolonged stay in New York City doing

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and that upon the special verdict the of the judicial district in which the of-

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We have introduced the Crystaline Chloride of Propylamine

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dipped into this and dried in the air. Professor Law succeeded in pro-

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with the metric system, (Preface, p. iv) that is, sufficiently so to

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of the Yamuna and other rivers. It is called Saffed

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raising his voice, against condensed milk, American babies, especially

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W. Steddom; secretary, Dr. Rose Talbott Bullard; treasurer. Dr. A. L.

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death. . Of course, in such cases the emetic is not given for its effect

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Medicine In the Woman *8 Medical CoUeg^; Physician to the Philadelphia Hotp til; Pnydiciaa to

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having the pipes laid under the floor, or rather have a double floor and lay the

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Dr.W. G.Wood, each with encl.; Dr. J. Swinburne, (Rep.) Ohio —

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2. Nocturnal epilepsy and mental or epilepsy produce more rapid

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dependent upon the condition of the general system the treatment at times is far

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Annual Report of the National Board of Health for the Fiscal Year

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of whose benign glance, resplendent with brilliance,

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liver congested and softened; spleen reddened along its border, and

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and W. A. Hardaway, of St. Louis, who are the most conspicious advocates of

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surface, but also a lar^e amount of blood from the circulation contained in the

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shot wounds, and the small percentage of amputations, are gratifying evidences of

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He then categorically denies each one of these principles and also the doctrine

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As each additional volume of this great work appears we are