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the nostrils are stopped, and if it is sore we must examine the teeth

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A commencing felon will always be aborted by the local ap-

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year. A pelvic examination under anesthesia showed mildly lacerated perineum,

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out for others to corroborate, or not, as the case may be. Whence

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Dr. Gibbs' first article will appear in the Reporter for next

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valium inyectable precio

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tion was to relieve the brain of any possible immediate source of

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able disease. Rational prophylaxis, however, should commence at birth, and

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The head stall is designed to carry the head in perfect balance, and at a point

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I have found nothing better as an antiseptic and deodorant than permang^anate of

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The two ends were united by immediate suture. The bowel removed was

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other cases where the incontinence of urine had been of several

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suggestion do a wonderful work for ourselves by overcoming the adverse sugges-

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quill and cotton had been dipped into perfectly fresh virus, by Dr.

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for him. The doctor sent it and it cured the patient at once.

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in any of the business or proceedings of the placed in the hands of the secretary; and the

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improves it. Some add spices to the liquor when boiled. This

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after the first appearance of the book. It is certainly one of the most concise and

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larly (Subject to renal complications which give rise to the most serious results.

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J. Hill, A. Ordway, W. E. B o$-nton, II. Dickey, E. Huntingdon,

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Haido, Katrngaro, 4819, San Francisco, Dec. 8. 1897.

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Communications are invited from physicians everywhere; especially from physicians of the Pacific

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iodine treatment of tuberculosis." Sent makes it cjuite impossible of continued

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Barton, with encl.; Dr. Abraham Hopper, with encl.; Dr. T. F.

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shall be punished by a 'fine of not more than five hundred

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' .^i) One or two processes not mentioned by our author may

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The rapid exhaustion of the previous editions prove that this book is very pop-

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solution of acetozone (2^/2 grains to 4 ounces). It was

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— Bhoja : Nyayavartika, quoted by 5ivarama, the commentator

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epiphjrseal cartilage. This portion promptly sloughed, making one cavity of the

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some agency to keep the surface from becoming too dry, — to keep

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purity, and the manliness of him who did it. Strangely enough,

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Amount invested in real estate for banking purposes, $225,000 00

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pends entirely upon the relative degree cles, but there is no spasticity except in

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rick, J. H. Stickney, each with encl. Maine — Dr. F. H. Chase.

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Total number of open accounts Oct. 31, 1902, .... 7,558

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