Valium Controversy

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reaching a chronic state of suppuration is very apparent.

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fort. Had it not been for this unfortunate incident the child would .have suffered

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Number of accounts closed during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, 2,104

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swollen. If artificial means for the escape of pent-up inflammatory products in

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that a large majority of ophthalmic specialists have had a like expe-

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annoyed and angered at the old woman who had sent for them, knowing

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dence of being in a healthy and vigorous condition.

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Upon inquiry we find a history as given above. With the report that at the age

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valium controversy

In the two preceding parts I have endeavored to give a detailed re-

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dried, dressed in freshly laundered clothing, and placed in a

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and co-workers (Chantreuil, Bar, Budin, Bonnaire, Maygrier, Tissier). He held

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in frequency, then becomes fuller, afterwards less frequent, and, before the death

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nervous phenomena which will not yield to the ordinary remedies are materially

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authorities and injunctions of the Vedas, Purawas, and Smintis

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* Philosophy of Religion.' Dr. Caird is a representative man in

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Patients suffering from gonorrhoea attended by extremely

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was restored to her former self. Thirty-five days after the operation she retur ned

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cornea may be enlarged and a pair of forceps introduced through the opening, and

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The following combination is also recommended as of great

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six ounces in weight, and regained this in the eighth week, and at

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parts of sterilized lukewarm water^ an ounce for each injection, four times daily.

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public value of these Inventions. All genuine " Palmer Limbs"

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Puerperal fever, treatment of, 82; quinine in, 294;

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While vigorously pressing ergot in the treatment of uterine fibroid

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small cysts, not larger than a grain of wheat. Her condition improved. We now

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eight, inclusive, of chapter one hundred and ten shall

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do, how it can be best done, including in its last query every possible detail as to

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known on the Continent as Hebra's prurigo, Mr. Morrant Baker

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Times for the dividends fixed by the by-laws : third Wednesday in April

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It is interesting to compare the per- entirely ignored and neglected and be-

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complications of labor there are six pages of illustrations amplifying the excellent

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Experiment No. 42, September 6. — Two chickens receive a hypodermic

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1. The blood of pigs in the three different outbreaks contained no other

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examine the water, food, milk and microscopical specimens. Besides,