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Number of accounts opened during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, 1,216
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and Hartford Railroad Company issued according to law,
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spinal meningitis, on the morning of the 23d inst., aged about 20
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Dr. L. T. Trumbower, Dr. J. H Wilson, Dr. R. McChesney, with
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e. Do bacteria germs penetrate into the Mood and tissues during health. —
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swgeon, so do Talent, Tact and Therapy make the physician.
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" 1. Impetigo contagiosa (contagious porrigo, of Hebra) is a sep-
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J. E. D.— The influence of Santonin on vision has been fre-
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Incorporated Feb. 4, 1864. Present number of corporators, 39.
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bage by water-tight pipes some distance from the building, and allow it to spread
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eaten with radishes and salads ; 30 grams of graham bread, and
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Leeds gives the following formula, which has given good
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traction, the foot can also be fixed by sole-leather moulded to its
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in the other cases, though no cessation of discharge. In two of
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failure. Dr. G. Heinricins, of Helaingpoor, in a paper entitled **The Effect of
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Total expenses of the corporation for the year ending Oct. 31, 1902 (ex-
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a right angle with each other. A flap is then made from the anterior aspect of
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through the anterior cul de sac. 2. Draws down the fundus of the uterus into
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TulDe No. 3 ; peritoneal effusion : Many granules single and in couples
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consequently equaled a 1 per cent, solution, then allowed to stand three
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treatment. About the eighth day remove the com by soaking.
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period. After a year or two they expect a permanent cure or go to somebody
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find a surplus of some numbers, of which some of our collabo-
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