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After four months' exposure they were slaughtered and no sign of the disease was
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Johnston, Herbert A.. 5016, Anaheim, Coll. M«d. Univ. Southern Cal., June a, 1898.
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Total Amount of Loans, with Each Specified Rate of Interest.
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which the use of 3 grains of suprarenal extract in capsules thrice
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determined from the depth ofjjthe tint. This method depends on
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dition, and position of the patient, structure of the body, nutrition, weight, skin
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rience. * Yet we hesitate to come boldly before the general profes-
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Total number of open accounts Oct. 31, 1902, . • . . . 8,617
fioricet and propoxyphene
the reviewer, that Vierordt's book was '' an excellent work on clinical diagnoeiii,
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Often the crusts fall off, leaving a slight elevation, which gives a sensa-
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water or rot by the wayside. When a man goes to the mountains for a few weeks
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tions, but both the brevity of the sickness and the lack of complications I
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,.eat., benefitted, as they experienced a ^^^e :.-Baby^l8 months oM,_^n,a,.
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lets of larger calibre, would have proved of exceeding severity, we add the effects
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done with some irregularity to February i. He has now no loss of hearing, no
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other general nervous feeling. These symptoms in the majority
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Amount invested in real estate for banking purposes, $25,000 00
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to 80 in different individuals. It is quite true that each individual
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first altogether or fails to repeat the time, for our ideas concerning it are
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Marcus Dun, London; Tongue, Nose, Throat, Voice, Respiration, by Arthur Hens-
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the prompt and thorough relief of grippe and the prevention of complications, as
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fatty and atheromatous degeneration, strychnia in large and full doses should be
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cent. The yellow coloration of the skin had almost entirely
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(i) Cf. Rasdrwava, below, where the standard " plant ashes *
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by cultivation in the serum of dog's blood, as observed by Toussaint, is
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If given by injections of soluble salts, it meets a similar fate,
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cording to the author, it is highly probable that to oleic acid the
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_j Dr. TURNBULL will deliver his Introductory to b .-
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M^ltiple Osseous Tudercu/osis. ^Dr, V. P. Gibney presented a boy whose pre-
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The Lancet (September 29th) makes the following comments,