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Six tubes of the same infusion were placed in the incubator at the
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the Klebs-Loeffler bacillus, it seems to be well established that the latter micro-
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Tube No. 33 ; 1 to 300. Same appearance as No. 31. Large numbers of micrococci,
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Watery Extract, reported on their con- greatest benefit from the administration
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hens inoculated by placing under the skin and into the muscular masses
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flexor aspect of the finger. Do not approach the palm in your incisions. In the
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said if I were confined to any one remedy I would choose alcohol. At first I us%il
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tion of a maximum dose of very virulent material, but rather by its
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creased as the organization work pro- cal friends before the State Legislature
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the exception of a tendency to flatulency and slight diarrhea, he is still well and
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Total number of open accounts Oct. 31, 1902, .... 13,260
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Amount of withdrawals, including dividends, during the year ending
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21. Our northern colleagues have met us more than half way, for
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stances introduced into the crypts should make their way along the path followed
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The political boss is an inevitable feature of modern municipal life;
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of potassium is added, in fifteen to twenty grain doses for an adult should be al-
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Bridgham, of Pasadena, and H. M. Pomeroy, of San Diego, were
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the diamond in it and roast it in a covered crucible seven times,
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are enough to counteract the constipation. Saline waters or a
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where they were seen, the measle rash followed, so that whenever they were pres-
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Number of loans which are of an amount not exceeding $3,000 each, 442
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Dr. A. Brenizer, Charlotte, N. C Dr. A. B. Groom, Ma.xton. N. C.. Dr. J, M Covington. Wadesboro, N. C, Dr. W. C.
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ordered. The solution, which sometimes produces a magic effect
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from external appearances, and as many of the minor contractions may exist
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with a much higher phthalein output died ters of medical education have ceased to