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cannot well occur. Much depends now upon promptness of action and a judi-

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minutes ( Wien, klin, Rundschau^ October lo). This treatment is enthusiasti-

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other respects. The glands are almond-shaped, firm, not sensitive, freely mova-

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tographs of a series of cases tt-eated by this method the apparent results being

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rather sijrprised to see that; after she had taken five, the pains

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The questions sent out to the profession by the Therapeutic Ga-

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adenoids in the naso pharynx ; the teeth were in good condition ; there was no

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*Read before the Twentieth Semi- Annual Mietin^ of the Southern California Medical Society, held

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I believe the apparatus just described, and which is not so complicated

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the prevention of preventable disease. colored 17.4 in 1,000

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of experience readily recognizes ripe observations from one who has

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cally endorsed at Prague, where it is extensively applied. The technique there is

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Epileptic insanity partakes in some degree of the nature of epilepsy itself in

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times as to make it impossible for either so marked that only by close scrutiny can

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in puerperal fever, 294 ; as a parturifacient, 388;

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Rate and amount of each semi-annual dividend j 1| per cent., $39,929 00 ) g 341 91

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5. How many deaths resulted from the abortions named in questions 2 and 3.

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for making ordinary dividends, the net profits for the six when paid '

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plaster corset with the patient in horizontal pasition (fig. 2). There is certainly

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of the organs, to resist any invasion or to respond to any demand.

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efficiency. A single mistake, while fraught with miserable discom-

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Engalls, W. Bass, and J. II. Gilmau. Per J. G. White— Drs. M.

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deaths to the whole number of middle ear' diseases, at the same time we should

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part reabsorbed and taken back to the liver by the portal vein, to be

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convenient abstract has led to the neglect and subsequent loss o£

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following the scenes with his brother and was dull and indispbsed to play and also

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with good effect. Make a tincture of the following: —

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Number of accounts closed during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, 1,796

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pressure being made below the meatus. 3. It refuses to rest its head on the

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face or within the red globules and surrounding the nuclei ; they are,

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ing dyspnoea; she is sitting up in bed (I draw from nature), for to

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to be ascribed to the properties inherent in matter.

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the aglycosuric period. All articles of food that can mechanic-

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up matter. For this reason many persons go through life suffering great pain and

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cases are not normal, and you had better niy hands I oifmy Vight fore finger wdth

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from external appearances, and as many of the minor contractions may exist

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guished except by the aid of the micro- the patients under treatment will agree

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rendus de v^ritables congrfes philisophiques et m^dicaux, dans

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cent, and the increase in insanity is 155 per cent, from 1870 to 1880.

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young men can be taught medicine in a small city like Raleigh as

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United States. The figures for North Carolina in 1880 give the pro-

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*Read at the Twenty-first Semi-Annual meetin^f of the Southern California Medical Society held in

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findings and symptoms, these cases may ^^^^^^^ of working men and women who

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Elaterium is one of our best remedies in inflammatory

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body, physiologically in its perceptions, like that