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During the past session the following specimens on the kidney, from recent
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by the last national or state census, or city census, certified
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as acknowledged by specialists in any line. A well known neurologist stated to
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Total number of open accounts Oct. 31, 1902, .... 3,445
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if, then, the disease is caused by Bacilli or their germs, the developed
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Southern California will be held Thursday evening, June 2, at the Los
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Lidiia Tablets, or Tongaline and Quinine TSeihlets, as the conditions may indicate,
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point, if possible, and also to determine if taining the condition of the patient."
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. This book is writteo by a man who has a well known reputation in a tbreefcM
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woman also was brought for examination and treatment. Result, a cure in each
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hundred physicians, with the Watery be used indiscriminately in every case
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when the tissues were soft and ready to yield to moderate pressure, would prevent
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in which self-control is weakened or destroyed. These acts may be purposeless
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Baird. with encl. ; Dr. J. G. West ; Dr. R. Brown ; Dr. F. H. Gross,
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Mills, M. Allen Starr, Henry M. Lyman, F. T. Miles, Archibald Church and
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14. Do not move cows faster than a comfortable walk while on the way to place
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relate a case of paralysis of the musculo-spiral nerye« which was successfully
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His daughter describes a sort of convulsive attack which he has
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employment of this dangerous drug in. cerebral or in pulmonary
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twenty-five or thirty cases of leucorrhea treated with these wafers showed cures
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of filaments, some of which were forming spores ; many free spores of the former; a
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information each member may possess as the result of bis individual experience
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mit to the fullest extent to the tyranny of the habit, and who with-
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suggests a cause. The result of the presence of these coprolites is an interfer-
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the tendencies to retention. Unlike the min excepting our methods of treatment
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encl.; Dr. Geo. W. Dennit. with eucl. : Dr. R. Goodale, with encl.:
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60 parts. (4) Perchloride of iron, 30 parts; glycerine, 10 parts.
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every drug stock in every drug store in ff made according to the old Pharmaco-
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cord felt running up to the groin was not appreciably enlarged.
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"Instead of the above procedure which is often attended with much
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patients there is only a calcareous deposition into the tympanic membrane, or
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The astragalus isalso affected to a slightextent, but radical procedures are not thought
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We are pleased to note the election of Dr. W. V. Whitmore (Med.
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