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A fuller report of this case will be given in a subsequent issue of this journal.
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and practically nothing of the tumor but the nipple and a slight thickening
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" equally successful ;" he founds this belief on the assumption that
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starved m the hospita . on more mature tries. Our own devoted workers,
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phorus poisoning. In the fatty degen- first 20 hours about 60 per cent, is given
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border on the territory of the domestic practitioner, but will repay
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Westervelt, with encl. : Dr. M. A. Mowry, with encl.; Dr. J. D.
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operations, in parenchymatous, conceal- of Coagulen Ciba to be injected, should
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so many are in an indifferent state of health, neurasthenics, climatic refugees ;
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For cystitis, where there is a sanguineous discharge : —
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all stomach patients, except those with cancer, arises from the diminshed amount
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ever, are the exceptions and cannot be was to practically w^t^ a i^ew book,
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the cord. Also the case of a boy who had been kicked over the sacrum and who
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drum-membrane will not show this necessity. ** In a large proportion of cases
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Next, boil the juice twenty minutes, skim it, and add four pounds
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despeiate case relieved in all ways as by magk. There are disbelievets as there
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abdominal surgery and rarely if ever diagnosed. This condition is supposed to
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which is not mine or yours,^ but in which all intelligent beings
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School and IlospiUl. Illustrated Philadelphiu. \V. B. Saunders, 9^5 Walnut St. 1S9S.
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year, and have received many testimonials of its remarkable
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likely is this to be true where an incompetent nurse is in attendance. When the
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excellent results in increasing elimination and overcoming the
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the death of the bird. I know of no evidence leading to the belief that
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Total deficieno in precipitation during month, 1.67 inches.
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parts exercised become very tired. Great harm is done by over-exerdse of any
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Bone Marrow, etc., are made from materials supplied by abattoirs.
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In yellow fever, therefore, as in the other diseases named, we find
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Whereas, Ths proper management of the Health Department of this city is
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surround spaces containing erythrocytes. Journal, August 26, 1905, p. 452)
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there is an abnormal increase of tlie bioplasm of the part, both by the
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of what was the trouble. Idiosyncrasy, heredity and environment are