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subcutaneously, in order to obtain an en- ^'V ^""^ ^- "".',^^^;°^' of symptoms
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poisoning of asphycic form are to be attributed to this transforma-
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assimilation of food, causes the ingestion of more food, and in-
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riaily was attcndcKJ hy rapid amelioration of the symptoms and
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receives concise, accurate and full descriptions. Directions are given as to the
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Combinations containing lobelia and also stramonium are
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had been almost always able to trace the syphilitic
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preceded, a half-hour before administering, by 15 to 30 min-
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References: — Dr F. Gurney Smith. Dr. John Neill, Dr. An-
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If the operation be performed on both sides loss of virility would
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paper on the "Etiology of Malaria." This was followed by another
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patient hears or sees, moves, nor feels; the eyes are fixed; pupils,
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and a modern language, is given by the Ohio Mechanics' Institute, Cincinnati,
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attacks of certain diseases is shown by Hippocrates, in his ** Eunnchi non Labor-
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banks and 38 trust companies in operation at that date.
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extracts from Manimala or "A Treatise on Gems" by Sir Raja
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give it more often. Also, we begin hot toddies twenty-four
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of late, had frequent discussions on the chemistry of the Japanese
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I consider of value. For local application either heat or cold may be employed ,
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doors or other openings in partitions with the office or
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cially in the modern books on surgery. Though there does not
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The discussion of the nephritides is particularly happy. After considering at
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closes the eyes the lid on the unaffected side closes energetically, while that on
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suggestion that lavage should be used as a preventive measure when lactation is
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Figs. (9) and (10) are two more thoracic aneurysm. All three of
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until a point midway between the anterior and posterior aspects of the web is
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a loosening of that prejudice which undoubtedly obtains, even
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The whole will be sold for $3000, the incumbent wishing to
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Names of committee charged with the investment of its funds :
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of their capacity of micrococci, it seems impossible to accept these as
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Post-graduate colleges are becoming more and more patronized,
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(five weeks) afterwards as to make it certain the disease was not con-
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copper and blue vitriol — all in the powdered form.
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produced unmistakable cases of swine plague. 3. The blood of the
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exertion to be present, for the meeting is held in a small city, and
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hemorrhage are very small, a certain proportion of mischances exist, and these
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itching should be severe the parts may be bathed with hot water,
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dred and ninety-three, and which were organized and doing
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tionably some admirable results are ac- ^.^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ greatest imperilments
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more attention than was customary. He had observed that pigeon-toes were, as a